Helman Hug Fund

From time to time, a member of our Helman community faces tremendous need.  A parent unexpectedly dies and the family is left with unmanageable hospital fees.  A child is diagnosed with a disease that requires extraordinary measures.  A house burns down in a fire.


In response to these crises, the Helman PTA is establishing a “Helman Hug Fund.” When the Helman Hug Fund is activated, members of our community will band together to raise funds, deliver meals, build ramps, donate household goods, and do whatever needs to be done to take care of the family in need.


We are seeding the Helman Hug Fund now, and are looking to raise $2,000 for the immediate need of a family in crisis. Those who are able are asked to donate $10, $25, even $100.  Our student council is organizing a school-wide coin drive to help raise funds.


There are three ways to donate:

  1. Go to http://www.helmanpta.org/HugFund to donate via Paypal.
  2. Bring a check for any amount – made out to Helman PTA – to the office.
  3. Empty your change wallet and send the coins to school for the coin drive.


It is an honor to be a member of this caring community.  Thank you for doing your part.